Synthesis gallery experience

The synthesis gallery experience is a unique immersive exhibit that offers an atmosphere that reflects the event it collaborates with. 

We specialize in curating high quality production in an interactive environment that showcases art as well as entertaining and inspiring guests. 

Cosmic Synergy, a local music event company &, a multimedia music outlet reached out to "Synthesis" Our sister company to create an immersive art gallery within the music venue.  Attendees would have access to the gallery throughout the evening. 

Synthesis is partially owned by Anndrea DiDonato, sole proprietor of Lucid Light Studio and business partner Zac Layman, sole proprietor of b1n4ry Visuals.


Anndrea was tasked with curating a visual art gallery that would be a "pop up" installation in the venue. As well as installing the gallery (20ft Geodesic dome & 8- 10ft walls) Anndrea selected a diverse range of nation wide artists to feature for the two night event. Artists arrived in Denver from all over the country, they along with some of Denver's most innovative local artists were invited to live paint during the event. All of the art (as large as 8ft wide) were handled with care, installed, wrapped accordingly for purchase and shipping. Zac was hired as the Digital visual arts coordinator for the event. He selected a variety of local and nation wide artists to feature their original art on a 20ft LED wall and custom stage designed by b1n4ry Visuals. 


The purple couch events

The purple couch events were a series of art bazaars based in Denver Colorado. Hosted by Jason Burruss the event was held once a month from Nov - May 2015. 

The event featured a number of award winning glass blowers and a variety of local and traveling vendors.

The art bazzar was not only focused on vendors but all art entertainment was a key aspect of the event. Headliners were decorated by 3 Incredible 20 ft LED walls that stood tall behind the DJ featuring some of the industries most creative VJ's and LD's. Aerialists dangled delicately from the ceiling while roaming dancers inspired the dance floor. 


Anndrea was hired co-curator and sales manager for the purple couch events. Her responsibilities included but were not limited too, documenting all the art, creating graphics and price tags, maintaining inventory of all the items at the gallery, Setting up the "pop-up" Gallery, Hiring a sales team, co-working with jason's assistant Sadie young, cleaning the art, installing the art and setting the displays, closing deals, handling transactions, wrapping delicate items for purchase, travel and shipping. 

The company left Denver and is still hosting events and pop up galleries at different music and art events nation wide.